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Life is BIG…..Get more of it!

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Are there unseen walls in your life you can’t get past? Feeling stuck and stressed? Head full of mental clutter? Burned out? Negative? Sometimes fearful? Mad at yourself? Negotiating with yourself? Procrastinating? Blaming? Frustrated?

…Use MindRev™ and Design Life Training to fix these problems NOW.


Accessible anytime and on any device, your online sales and leadership courses can be completed from home or at the office.

Interactive Coaching

MindRev™ is designed to be mastered quickly.  My online coaching will guide you to complete expertise in lightning speed

Bill Beausay, creator of MindRev™ Labs Online Sales and Leadership Courses

About MindRev™

My constant focus over my 35 year career has been simple: Building High Performance People. I have perfected my techniques under the my flagship company, MindRev™ Labs. I developed these tools with athletes and now apply them to executives, leaders and even parents and teenagers.

It is specifically well suited for:

  • Sales Leaders
  • Producers
  • Managers
  • Athletes
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Parents, teenagers, dreamers & hustlers

Learning this system will permanently and completely wipe out your need for the stresses and problems of headtrash and other forces that stop you from being your very best, on command.


The MindRev™ Online Learning System Includes:

  • Complete MindRev™ online sales and leadership coaching

  • 12-20 coaching modules per MindRev™ mastery level, with the complete breadth of tools offered by LightSpeed VT for online training:

    • Annual membership to the training library
    • Instant 24/7 access to mastery training….on your phone!
    • Note taking and sharing capability
    • File vault for additional training material
    • Add-ons that I will add on a regular basis
  • Introduction to the MindRev™ online community for support

  • Exclusive, regular updates to my video training library.

MindRev™ Online Sales and Leadership Courses on computer
Bill Beausay, creator of MindRev™ Online Sales and Leadership Courses

Online Sales & Leadership Coaching and Training

MindRev™ is an easy-to-learn, one of kind approach to altering the way you think and beating your biggest mental hurdles.  Some you don’t even know you have. No matter who you are, there is some wall, something in your life that stops you from achieving your bigger goals. The ones you have yet to achieve. There is a challenge within yourself that you have yet to master.

MindRev™ is built on 4 rules:

  1. Your brain is not you. It’s a tool “you” use.
  2. “You” are your attention and where you decide to point it.
  3. Your brain can and will run everything in your life for you, until you decide to participate.
  4. Your brain silently controls you through the use of an automatic, unseen chain of sensory components which you can actually observe and change…if you wish.

Unlock the chains, unlock your life.

These MindRev™ rules fold neatly into three (3) tools that take you from breaking through ordinary barriers to the door step of complete personality revision.

The 3 tools are:

  1. Spooling
  2. Chaining
  3. Parallax

Through the use of the LightspeedVT platform, I have the opportunity for the first time to lead you deep into the training I’ve used with high level executive, athletes and other who are serious about pursuing a phenomenal life. Blocks and challenges are common….what is uncommon is the willingness to admit it, fix it with the right tools, and blast forward.

There is nothing else like this on the planet….trust me. Join me and let’s rock your world with our online sales and leadership courses!

Break the chains! Buy MindRev™ Online Sales and Leadership Courses

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Contact Bill Beausay about MindRev™ Labs Online Sales and Leadership Courses

Contact Bill Beausay about MindRev™ Labs Online Sales and Leadership Courses

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