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MindRev™ Training for Competitive Athletes

Every athlete in the world knows they can get more out of themselves.  The trick is, how?  MindRev™ Training for Competitive Athletes goes into depth in using the MindRev™ technique of spooling to breakthrough performance barriers, systematically create new power performance states, and keeping yourself in top mental shape throughout training, game planning and playing in pressure situations. Get cutting edge mind-training for a fraction of the cost of what a pro athlete would pay. And get it now.


As an athlete you want:

  • Confidence and certainty in games

  • The ability to bring out your own best

  • The ability to practice well and play well

  • Staying calm under the gun

  • How to stay focused and keep a winning mindset

  • How to get another 5% out of myself


    In this course you will learn:

  • A quick refresher on the 3 top traditional mental training techniques:

    • visualization, mantras and mental rehearsal.

  • 4 rules of MindRev™ training and how this is different

  • How to quickly kill head trash

  • Using the MindRev™ Spooling technique

  • Systematically building unstoppable confidence, mental toughness, clutch performance, great practice and handling losses most successfully


Coming Soon...

MindRev™ for Coaches: Training the Mental Game

MindRev™ Suite: The Complete Guide to Impact & Motivate Yourself

MindRev™ Black: The Complete Guide to Unconsciously Impact & Motivate Others

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